Artist Statement

Erosion is a guiding principle of my practice. I take images and materials and chip away at their integrity until they transform into something new. In printmaking this erosion can be taken literally. As the image builds up I am taking away from the plate that is producing it. This framework of building an image through an accumulation of layers informs all of my art, leading to dense images where subject and background are forced into the same plane. I see erosion as a means of abstraction, a process through which information is changed or removed to create an image that is unfamiliar. While editing video this erosion manifests through actions like the crop or the zoom, which make the pixels that make up the image more palpable, revealing the bits of information that come and go to create shifting images.

I create art that captures the subject in the process of change. Rather than present a recognizable image, I seek to visually represent this change. I create images that are always between actions, never freezing to give the viewer a full understanding of the scene. The image only ever presents itself in glimpses or traces. In evading the gaze of the viewer I look to create works that evoke sensory and emotional responses rather than concrete meaning. In order to make time visible I cannot focus on singular images, I must instead give way to the flows of sensory experience.